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Happiness at Your Fingertips

Our mission is make the world happier through technology

Everyone wants to be happy! So we started our business to fill this demand and bring joy to people's life. Our mission is to make the world happier using technology.

In the wake of technology in past 20 or 30 so years things has gotten easier. TVs, PCs, Macs, Smartphones, and apps and companies like Google, Amazon, Uber, Facebook has considerably changed how we live our daily lives. These days we search thousands of books in a click of a mouse, order a fridge with a button, and ride to the other side of the city with a touch. 

  So why not use the same technology to make people happier? A question we asked ourselves!

Happiness Down to the Science

We are collaborating with top happiness scientists in the world to understand and apply it


The first myth about happiness is that money doesn't matter. It matters but people don't become much happier past the poverty line. Other factors come to play!


Good friendships matter a lot. Quality friendship and strong bonds that we can rely on matters not number of friends!


The main factor of happiness is having meaning in life. A goal to strive for. People who have goals are much happier, stronger, and more resilient!


Achieving goals and feeling that we are moving forward is a big part of happiness!


Doing what we love and engaging in activities in a manner that we forget about time plays an important role in happiness!


Bursting with joy in our daily life, watching some cat videos, hearing good news, reading positive quote increase happiness!


is our first product.

The social web for social good!

Started in 2016 in University of New Hampshire as a private social media network, attracted thousands of students.

By 2020, we've become one of the most popular private party platform in San Francisco. We've hosted private events & parties to celebrate different occasions with thousands of people.

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, we are prioritizing the need of serving & helping those most in need in these unprecedented times.

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We've Come a Long Way

We are hard working students and scholars with a passion to innovate. We incorporated Fabulous Technologies Inc. on Jan 2016 with the mission to bring about happiness and we have relentlessly moved toward our goal and brought other people along too

We would like to collaborate in our big mision so contact us for hirings, for partnership, for investment, or any other questions you might have :-)

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